"SHOKAGO" Deep Dish

The weight of goodness. Truly a pizza that deserves the name Deep dish.

Our Chicago Style deep dish is built with a deep crust and mozzarella cheese on the bottom, with your choice of toppings in the middle and out delicious Shoka’s Pizza Sauce covers the top with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.
Don’t forget your dipping sauce!
$1.15 for 2 ounces
Creamy Garlic | Ranch | Cheddar Chipotle | Any Wing Sauce | Any Salad Dressing
$1.95 – 3.5 ounces Homemade Marinara or Pizza Sauce
*Add Breadsticks and 4 cans of pop for $8.99

Choice of Toppings
Small – $1.75 each
Medium – $2.50 each
Large – $4.50 each

Premium Toppings
Small – $3.50 each
Medium – $4.75 each
Large – $7.00 each
Small 4 slices
1-2 ppl
Medium 6 slices
2-3 ppl
Large 8 slices
1 Topping$17.74$26.49$40.49
2 Topping$19.49$28.99$44.99
3 Topping$21.24$31.49$49.49
4 Topping$22.99$33.99$53.99

Add Your Choice of Toppings

We use only the best premium fresh toppings and ingredients on our pizzas.

Traditional Veggie ToppingsTraditional Veggie ToppingsTraditional Meat ToppingsPremium Toppings
Fresh MushroomsJalapenoPepperoni
Green PeppersChopped GarlicHamExtra Cheese
Red OnionsRed PeppersBaconFeta
Black OlivesBaby SpinachItalian SausageChicken
Green OlivesTomatoGround BeefSteak
Hot PeppersBroccoliChorizo Sausage
PineappleCaramelized Red Onion
Fresh BasilGarlic Tomato
Caramelized Red PepperCapers



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